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James K Walker - UK author
About the author

James is an award winning writer who has had short stories published in a variety of publications. His first novel 'This is all I Know' is due for publication shortly and is described as an unassuming look down Britain's back streets. He is currently researching for a book on Brian Clough in what is more of a cultural analysis than biography. He is the Literature Editor for LeftLion magazine and is also involved in a monthly performance poetry event called START, held on the second Sunday of each month at Trash, Albion Street, Leeds.

James lectures in Media, Communication and Journalism and regularly contributes towards academic journals and publications, describing his style as that of cultural philosophy. He is a vegetarian, keen traveller and lover of Ealing comedies. You can read his latest 'blog entry here.

About the site

Where legally able, published work has been made downloadable for free, thereby saving a few trees. Rather than ranting into the technological void about any old shite, the 'blog is purely to relay information about publications and events. In this sense James is a bit of a traditionalist, preferring eye contact when engaging in conversation.

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Feel free to email me in connection with anything you've seen here... or even something you haven't seen.


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