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Brian Clough project
I am currently researching for a new project based around the late Brian Clough.
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Jake has been in a coma. As he slowly begins to regain consciousness his mind is flooded with images of an orderly suburban house, of a loving mother, and a little girl. As the snippets of his life are slowly pieced together he is confronted with a story which leaves him horrified. Jake can not accept what has happened to the little girl. He believes that his mind is playing tricks on him and that somehow he has got it all wrong. Jake can not deal with the truth and wishes he was still unawake. A sentiment shared by all of those around him.

Word count: 60-70,000

  One's Got Fur
'What's the difference between a teddy bear and a mannequin?'
'One's got fur.'

And so begins a novella that questions the nature of relationships, what constitutes reality and perhaps most importantly, what it is like to fall in love with a vertically challenged mannequin that thinks it is Barry White.

Word count: 10-15,000

 Nigger Niche is a work of fiction
This is the warehouse. I work here. My best friend is the radio which talks to me. I live in the village. I rent from the man who never sleeps because he wants to catch the moles which dig up his beloved lawn. I share with the theoretical ‘raver.’ He stays up all night reading Marx. He tells me that he understands the system. I don’t know anything other than I have no interest in love. There is no career which appeals to me. There is no country I want to visit or culture I wish to embrace. I have no ambitions, no extremities of personality, no regrets. I am nigger niche.

Word count: 80-100,000

There are other stories in the works. Stay tuned. We'll let you know, but only if you're really interesting.


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