Published Short Stories

Presented here is a selection of short stories published in anthologies or magazines. Click the extract links to read more. Some of the stories can also be downloaded in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download this free software from here.

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Synopsis: The eBook comes in the form of a Factory Handbook. The publication is packed with facts about Alan Sillitoe’s Nottingham and features essays by five commissioned writers as they visit five locations from the novel Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Publisher: The Space/Arts Council. Editor: James Walker and Paul Fillingham. Download for FREE



Hearing Voices Vol 3 Cover ImageSynopsis: A troubled man drives around in the early hours of the morning.  He pulls over to scribble down his thoughts but when the Police arrive they’re convinced he’s up to something else…
Info: Appears in Hearing Voices, Vol. 3.
Publisher: Crystal Clear Creators, 2011
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‘Route Offline: a festival of short stories’

Route Offline Cover ImageSynopsis: A collection of stories from editors Crista Ermiya, Katherine Locke, Daithidh MacEochaidh, Susan Tranter and myself.
Info: Hardback release of Byteback ebooks, includes ‘The Three and a Half Day Parent’.
Publisher: Route, 2008
Available from Amazon

‘The Back Door Step’

Staple 68 Cover ImageSynopsis: An insomniac loiters on a doorstep.
Info: Featured in Issue 68 of Staple Magazine
Publisher: Staple Magazine, 2007
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‘Oh Nottingham, is full of fun…’

Left Lion Logo ImageSynopsis: Poetry on the terraces.
Info: Featured in the December 2007 Issue of LeftLion Magazine
Publisher: LeftLion Magazine, 2007
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‘Waiting for God’

Creature Mag CoverSynopsis: The British Love to Queue…
Info: Featured in Issue 5 of this online magazine
Publisher: Creature Mag, 2006
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‘DJing for Dogs’

Stimulus 18 Animals CoverSynopsis: Breaking up is hard to do so try performing telepathy with a Labrador…
Info: Featured in Edition 18 of this arts magazine
Publisher: Stimulus Respond, 2007
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‘How the loneliness of the Dartford Toll Operator made me miss a digital miracle’

Transmission Magazine cover imageSynopsis: A drive turns out to reveal an unexpected surprise             Info: Featured in Issue 7 of Transmission Magazine
Publisher: Transmission Magazine, 2007

‘Trying to Find Van Breukelen’

Ideas Above Our Station - cover imageSynopsis: A story about life and death and footballers….
Info: Collected in ‘Ideas above our station’ anthology
ISBN: 1 901927 28 8
Publisher: Route, 2006
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‘Wheelie Bins and World Wars’

The Roundtable Review coverSynopsis: A story about bins and things….
Info: Featured in Edition 3 of this online arts review
Publisher: Roundtable Review, 2006
The Roundtable Review site is no longer online. You can view an archived version here.

‘The Cocco-Bella Man’

Wonderwall anthology coverSynopsis: Not a holiday romance
Info: Collected in ‘Wonderwall’ anthology
ISBN: 1 901927 24 5
Publisher: Route,  2005
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‘The Three and a Half Day Parent’

The three and a half day parent coverSynopsis: 6 short stories about break-ups, parenting, and neighbours who drive big white vans.
Info: Part of the ‘byteback’ ebook series from Route
Pages: 48, enough for one session in the bath.
Publisher: Route, 2005 Free Ebook available from Route

‘Why I have to wear a pair of Wranglers everyday for the rest of my life, whilst I live on this street’

Naked City anthology coverSynopsis: A 101 uses for a dead dog that is really alive
Info: Collected in ‘Naked City’ anthology
ISBN: 1 901927 23 7   Pages: 272
Publisher: Route, 2004
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‘The Housewives Tale’

York Tales anthology coverSynopsis: A modern day version of Chaucer’s ‘The Clerks Tale’ which twists the notion of unconditional female submissiveness.
Info: Collected in  ‘York Tales’ anthology
ISBN: 0-9543247-7-3
Publisher: Endpapers Ltd,  2004
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‘Three Across, Two Down’

Nought Point Three coverSynopsis: The solution for a happy funeral is perhaps the solution to a happy life
Info: Collected in ‘Nought Point Three’ anthology
ISBN: 0-9541337-3-0
Publisher: Launderette Books, 2004
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‘The Birthday Boy’

Nought Point Three coverSynopsis: The story of a spoilt brat or perhaps an over bearing father or maybe something completely different.
Info: Collected in ‘Nought Point Three’ anthology
ISBN: 0-9541337-3-0
Publisher: Launderette Books, 2004
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‘Hamadryas Baboons and Lisa Lashes’

The New Writer 64 coverSynopsis: About relationships, dented cars and dented egos.
Info: Won the Jo Cowell International Short Story Award 2003.
Published in The New Writer no. 64, February 2004
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‘The Man with the Voice’

Man of Trent coverSynopsis: About an elderly man who is a lover of tea, talking, and entertaining single mothers in the daytime.
Info: Collected in ‘Man of Trent’ anthology
ISBN: 0-9541337-2-2
Publisher: Launderette Books, 2003
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‘The Holy Trinity: How the National Lottery, Dale Winton and the Millennium Wheel can bring about World Peace’

Launderette 02 coverSynopsis: Everything which the title suggests and nothing more.
Info: Collected in ‘Straight Up’ anthology
ISBN: 0-9541337-1-4
Publisher: Launderette Books, 2002
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