About James K Walker

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When I go on holiday I pack more books than clothes. This is all you really need to know about me. It is a fascination that started in my teens with sixties American literature and has taken me across many genres since. I am proud that ‘reading’ was cited as the reason for the end of not one but two relationships. To satiate my desire for words I am on the Board of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio, the Alan Sillitoe Committee and Literature Editor of Nottingham-based LeftLion. This means that when I am not reading I am writing. My laptop is the other woman.

My writing takes the form of short stories and journalism. This has taken me to Lowdham Book Festival, Readers’ Day, the Writing Industries Conference with various spoken word events thrown in for good measures. My work has been published in Route, Staple, Transmission, The New Writer, Writing Magazine, the Guardian and the Independent. Some stories have made it into paperback anthologies and one once won an award. There’s a novel as well which has taken a battering on its journey out of my head and is currently being represented by an agent. It’s called This is all I Know.

The truth is I just like sitting down and drinking coffee while pondering words. Currently, this has taken the form of a project called Sillitoe: Then and Now. It’s a six month project with the BBC and Arts Council England to create a new multimedia platform called The Space. I’ll be creating, alongside Paul Fillingham and others, a literary trail of Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Why don’t you come and join me?

About the site

Where legally able, published work has been made downloadable for free, thereby saving a few trees and guaranteeing personal poverty. I only use the ‘k’ on this website because it was the only available domain. Not because I’m proud of my middle name (Kenneth) or so I sound like JK Rowling. I’m not deluded, honest.