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When I go on holiday I pack more books than clothes. This is all you really need to know about me. It’s a fascination that started in my teens with sixties American literature and has taken me across many genres since. I am proud that ‘reading’ was cited as the reason for the end of not one but two relationships. To satiate my desire for words and promote my home town of Nottingham I dabble in various literary roles. These include: Chair of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio; Director Festival of Words; Director City of Literature and Literature Editor of LeftLion. I was previously involved with the Alan Sillitoe Committee and am currently working with NTU on digitising the Ray Gosling Archives. All of which means that when I am not reading I am writing. My laptop is the other woman.

Once upon a time I wrote short stories and was published in various magazines and even won a random award. Quite a few of these ended up in anthologies with Route, including a small collection. Then I wrote a novel which was accepted for publication (twice) but nothing materialised. It then went to an agent who got really excited and then I never heard from him again. I’ve lobbed it up in the loft for a rainy day and turned to other stuff.

In between this I’ve been banging out as much as I can as a literary journalist with articles appearing in the Guardian, Independent, Radio 3, Writing Magazine, The New Writer, Transmission, Staple, etc. More recently I’ve enjoyed digital storytelling and have edited together two mammoth projects. The first was The Sillitoe Trail, a commission for BBC/Arts Council England which explored the enduring relevance of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. The other is Dawn of the Unread, a graphic novel that brings back to life writers from Nottingham’s past. Both are available across media platforms and are a right headache to put together, but worth it.

About the site

Where legally able, published work has been made downloadable for free, thereby saving a few trees and guaranteeing personal poverty. I only use the ‘k’ on this website because it was the only available domain. Not because I’m proud of my middle name (Kenneth) or so I sound like JK Rowling. I’m not deluded, honest.