Walkie Talkie

Byron plaqueRobin Hood must have heard that the council are rebranding Nottingham as the Rebel City because he’s come out of retirement to do three walks and even lost the dodgy American accent. The Cave Tours (Tue 19 Feb and Sat 23 Feb, 2.30pm) start off at Nottingham Castle and goes deep down into the bowels of the city. Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Tue 19 Feb, 12 1pm) starts at the Castle Bastion where our hooded hero will spill the goz on why his men were so merry. Robin Hood and Dragon (Sat 23 Feb, 12 -1pm) also starts at the Castle Bastion and will see our hooded crusader brag about the various scrapes he got into to impress the ladies. All of these will cost you a fiver and can be booked at the Castle or on 0115 915 3700. Once Upon a Storywalk (Sat 16 Feb at 11am, 12.15pm and 1.30pm) is suitable for families with children 410 years and will include riddles, songs, rhymes, and a little detective work to discover the secrets hidden in Old Nottingham. Tickets (£6, £4 children) can be purchased at the Festival Box Office in Newton Building which is the start and finish point for the tour. Storywalks from the City of Lace (Sat 16 Feb, 6pm, 7.15pm) is a darker affair aimed at adults, where, for £6, legends and myths will come alive under the moonlight and offer more stories of betrayal and deception than an hour’s worth of Jeremy Kyle. Streets of Stories (Sun 17 Feb, 3pm & Wed 20 Feb, 6pm) kicks off at Langtry’s and explores Nottingham’s rich literary history in its broadest sense. Discover how we inspired J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, converted Graham Greene to Catholicism as well as readings from more obscure works such as the verses sold at the foot of the gallows. Led by myself and Michael Eaton, it’ll be a walk of ale, merriment and words for a small donation.

All walks are part of the Festival of Words